Thursday, November 27, 2014


Making brownies for the distirct! They were so so good!

Dear Family,

I`m not really sure how to sum up everything that happened this week but I will see how much I can cram in.

I had some really fun interviews in the past few weeks were I went and interviewed a very old blind man when it was raining very hard. I kind of sat right up next to his ear and had to shout a lot but I hope it was a nice experience for him anyway, he has a lot of faith. Also I had the chance to interview a women who is deaf and also mute and can`t read. I was kind of anticipating this interview and did some good practices with my companion about how I could cover each part of the interview using gospel pictures and hand motions. It actually turned out really well and she was able to understand everything. I will just say that I have a lot more respect for people that can do sign language. She was able to be baptized with her daughter which was really neat.

A group ward baptism. The mom with her daughter is mute and deaf. F. is next to us.

We also had a wonderful experience with F. who we have been teaching for about a month. I remember when we first met him I really felt that he was a spiritual giant and since then he just continued growing in his testimony. I had the chance to baptize him this past Saturday and it was really cool moment. I know that he will be a pioneer for his family and we will do our best to help the rest of his family enjoy the blessings of the gospel as well. I really think that all these people that God puts in our path were good friends of mine before we came to earth.

The Christmas lights and decorations have started to come out here and a few missionaries get annoyed because it is pretty early still. I guess it´s because there is no thanksgiving so they have nothing to wait for. It has been fun to see the Christmas trees come up and as the weeks go on they put some fun stuff on their trees (like crazy fruit). Hopefully I can get some good pictures in December of that.

Guatemalan christmas lights.

There have been some special visitors in our house this week. We ran across a few small gecco lizards and a some giant butterflies. I guess it`s nice to know that we are not alone in our house. After a couple struggles to get some insects out of the house we decided to change where we live. An older member of our ward invited us to come and live at his house because he is almost never there and the house is way better where we are living. We should be able to move over this week and say goodbye to all our little critter friends.

As we were shopping this week we came across some brownie mix in the grocery store. We got a little excited and decided to make brownies for the district meeting this past week. Everybody really appreciated that and it was such a great feeling to eat nice soft brownies again! Not to mention we used small disposable dishes so that every piece was  a corner piece, so so good! 

This week I have been so grateful for each moment that I have to share the gospel with everyone. I was studying and pondering a little bit this week about how much it cost the Savior to overcome the consequences of our mistakes and about how important it is that we as missionaries help everyone experience the healing that comes from the atonement. We are the ones that can bring this healing power to peoples lives and that always motviates me to work a little harder and talk with more people. It is such a wonderful calling and I thank the Lord for that each day!

Elder Jensen

A really rich neghiborhood in our area.

A dog shaved to look like a lion.

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