Thursday, November 27, 2014

San Pedro

A cool valley we found in our area.

Dear Family,

Well, I got to know how the cold part of our mission  is for the first time today! We had a fun trip up to San Pedro to play soccer with the missionaries up there and buy some fun stuff. The bus ride up is pretty scary after doing about 100 switch backs but the views off the mountain are so so cool and beautiful! Guatemala is so pretty! Also the weather in San Pedro is just awesome. Not to mention I bought this amazing piece of Guatemalan fabric called ´corte´ and I am going to make some sweet ties out of it.

We had a fun trip to San Pedro today. First time in the mountains!
I bought some beautiful ´corte´ or Guatemalan fabric to make some cool ties.

This week we also had a great experience with a missionary activity in our ward. The past few weeks us and the sisters have been filming all of the members dancing for a few seconds and we made a fun video of all the families dancing and put it to the song ´Happy´. This was something one of my past companions did and we thought we would give it a shot to build some unity and excitement in the ward and the activity went great. We had the ward prepare some games and other fun things and after we presented a little act and the video. Everyone looked so so happy and we felt great afterwards. Not to mention some members brought new families to the activity. A really fun time even though a member dressed up like a clown made me do a silly dance in front of everyone, but oh well, I enjoyed it.

An activity we did. We presented an act and also made a
dancing video of all the members to the song Happy.

We have had some great progress with F. He continues to come to church and do all he can to be ready for this Saturday for his baptism. He actually walked to church for the Stake Conference this Sunday and I am so so grateful that the Lord has helped him gain a testimony of the truthfulness of his church and also of the Priesthood authorty so that he can be baptized by an authorized servent of God. He is so cool and we really hope that he can help share the joy of the gospel with his family after he is baptized.

I am so grateful to be part of the Lord´s work in a time when it is moving faster and faster. I can see each day that the Lord is hastening his work and that each day he helps us find people to teach and helps us know what to say in the exact moment so that everyone may know that Jesus is the Christ and that they can be cleansed from their guilt and sins if they follow him. Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Elder Jensen

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