Friday, November 14, 2014

Member Missionaries

A day of the dead grave all dressed up.
Dear Family,

I am learning a lot about how important it is to love the people that we serve. I have enjoyed developing

more and more love for the people that I serve and people that I serve with. It makes me a happier person!

The really, really awesome part of this past week is that we got to work and have a lot of support from the members of the church. We had so many powerful lessons with the members at our side as they gave powerful testimonies of the truth and invited many people to attend church and learn more about the restored gospel. I have grown to love to work with the members of the church and sometimes I even feel a little sad when we have lessons with people all by ourselves without a member. Luckily that doesn`t happen too much. The members who had to find the church in there lives always bring a powerful spirit to the lessons and each time I am with them my testimony and love of the church grows so so much! Not to mention the people that we are teaching that get to feel this spirit as well.

We visited F. with several members that work in the stake who have incredible testimonies and amazing teaching skills. He really felt excited about the gospel and accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd of this month (since this Saturday and Sunday are stake conference ... maybe we will have a special visitor). I am so grateful that we get to teach F. and see his testimony grow. I feel that he is going to be a great member of the church and really help us a lot in our area to find new people to teach. 

Also this week we had a crazy service project in the zone. We went up this huge hill to find a new convert family that needed some help with their house. They live on the side of a really steep hill and they wanted to take out part of the hill so they can make their house bigger (their house is a few sticks with plastic sheets as walls and a lámina roof). We worked several hours in the sun and it was a lot harder than it looked. I now respect Guatemalan construction workers a lot lot more. It was a little funny because after a while everyone was covered in dirt and sweat and it was an interesting smell since we were all bunched up in this little spot. But it was good to build the unity on our zone. 

So the Guatemalan weather tricked us again because right when we thought the rain was gone for good a couple huge rainstorms nailed us out of nowhere. Good thing I am getting to be a pro at expecting random weather because I stayed fairly dry with my struggling and rusty umbrella. I will always be so glad for my Ecco Boots because they are basically like tanks and hold off everything. 

I hope to continue gaining more and more abilities from the Lord as he helps be become a better missionary and a better person each week. He really does mold us and help us learn from every experience. I am so thankful for this and hope to work hard this week!


Elder Jensen

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