Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marriage and Baptism of a Family

Dear Family,

I had a super fun week! Also, I can`t believe I have a year in the mission! That scares me!

On Monday we had a fun trip up to Reu for the district leaders and Elder V. and I enjoyed eating lunch in a fancy restaurant in Coatepeque. It is probably the best food I have tasted on the mission. I ate this amazing crepe and steak sandwich, soo good! We also talked about the miracles our mission had in conference and played some ball with President.

We worked really hard this week with the G. Family so that they could really meet all the members of the ward and feel excited for their marriage and baptism. We had a cool moment reading in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi 27 when they really understood how important it is to be baptized so that Christ can heal us from all of our mistakes. Everything went great with their marriage and we enjoyed eating some cake together afterwards. Our ward mission leader (named Mahonri - which is an awesome name) planned a really nice baptism service and a lot of members showed up and we all felt so happy. The G. family has 3 small boys and that is fun for me thinking about our family as well. I think ever since our last temple trip I have really focused a lot more in finding and teaching families that can one day enter the temple and be united together forever. It is so cool!

This week I also had some really awesome experiences as I was doing some baptismal interviews. It is incredible how much people need to feel the healing power of Christ`s atonement. When we make serious mistakes the guilt stays with us for a long time if we don`t let the Savior take that upon himself. I really am understanding the process of repentance as well and it is such a cool opportunity to help these people understand how they can enjoy relief from all of their mistakes and feel clean. I also understand much better the ordinance of baptism and I really want to help as many people as I can feel these awesome feelings of joy!

It`s hard to think about how much has happened in a year in my mission and how amazing the whole experience has been. I have worked really hard and had a lot of fun doing it and I hope that it will be just as awesome in the next year. I know it will go soo fast and I need to take advantage of every minute! I hope to help a lot of families receive all the blessings of the gospel and make it to the temple one day! I am so grateful to be here in Guatemala and to serve such amazing people with so much faith!

Elder Jensen

Our awesome chapel in Malacatan (stake center too).

Acool view from the house in San Rafael (on divisions doing interviews).
 The mountin is Tajamulco (the tallest) from very very far away

Painting with a member in his house.

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