Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Dear Family,

We basically just walk up and down this highway
 and go into the neighborhoods on the side.

All us missionaries here in Malacatán have been working so so hard! The great thing is that the Lord has blessed us so so much in return!

After the awesome miracles that our zone had in conference we have seen a lot of fruits and a lot of baptisms. The Sister Missionaries in our ward had their first baptisms in Malacatán and they baptized 9 people! It was such a spiritual baptism service and the ward really came to support all these new converts. The really cool thing is that a lot of members got to perform the baptisms and one of them was a youth who has recently come back to church and is preparing to serve a mission. He got to baptize his 2 nephews. The Spirit was so strong as we got to see so many people experiencing the peace and joy of a forgiveness of all their mistakes and a new life as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Elder Cook and I worked pretty hard this week. One cool thing we tried this week was to make a small calendar for one of the people we are teaching so that she can see if she is reading in the Book of Mormon each day and praying daily as well. We left specific passages for her to read each day with a thought and I really think that this will help her to come to feel and know that what we are teaching her is true. I think the fun thing about missionary work is that there is never one secret to success. We have to rely on the guidance of God and really adapt to the unique challenges and situations.

One super fun thing here is to play soccer since the Central Americans are just so so good at it. Today we were playing with the Tecún Úman zone and an Elder from Costa Rica on our team kicked the ball up in the air and then did this sweet back flip bicycle kick to score a goal! It was so entertaining! I will probably miss seeing crazy soccer plays like this after my mission.

This week we had a couple of moments that really helped me see how important it is to work diligently to bring the gospel to everyone we can. A few times this week we had worked for several hours and not seen any success and we felt a little bit like giving up. But we decided to keep looking for people that the Lord had prepared for us and we always seemed to be led to somebody who was incredibly receptive and ready to learn about the restored gospel. They were very special moments and a testimony to me about how important hard work and diligence is.

I am so grateful for each testimony building experience I get to have as a missionary and to get to meet so many incredible missionaries and people who have such great faith in the Savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Jensen

Our very loud Lámina roof when it rains

the little alley we walk to our house

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