Friday, August 29, 2014

Another Miracle

Las Flores Chapel

Dear Family,

The Lord has not ceased to work miracles here in the mission field, especially in our area.

A. was baptized this past Friday and was confirmed this Sunday. She is a pretty amazing example because she lives with an aunt who is very much opposed to the church, but Analí has so much faith in the Christ and in his church that nobody was going to stop her from being baptized. She had told us a couple weeks ago that this past Sunday there was no way she could attend church but somehow she found the way and made it to church this past Sunday to be confirmed and receive those blessings that she was waiting for. She will play a huge part in helping the church be stronger in Santo Domingo.

This week we had some really nice visits with J. and V.  and it has been so amazing to see their progress in the gospel. J. wants to be able to attend church so badly but it is really hard with his work. We testified a lot that the Lord would prepare a way (1 Nephi 3:7) and he began to trust more in the Lord and this Sunday he made it to church for the 2nd and 3rd hour. It was kind of a miracle considering all the craziness in Mazate with the parades and stuff for the carnival but he made it and felt happy. His wife has also had some challenges with being close to having her second kid. We are praying a lot for them that they can overcome all these little trials and be baptized!

One of the hardest things about getting people to and from church is transportation. We finally got the ok on a bus but the bus drivers have been showing up late. After church this past Sunday the bus didn´t show up and our phone minutes had ran out and we had to wait an hour before we were able to find a back up and get everyone back to Santo Domingo. I will definitely always be grateful to be able to get easily to the chapel.

I know that this work is in the Lord´s hands. Part of my assignment here in Mazate lets me work close with the Stake President. He was telling us the other day about how important it is that we let this work be in the Lord´s hands and that we don´t be selfish as missionaries or bishops or stake leaders and try to do it all our way. A house divided will not stand. I feel grateful that the Lord helps me improve each day and see him work miracles in the lives of his children.


Elder Jensen

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