Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Champerico with Elder Perdomo

Dear Family,

Well, it turns out that I´ll get to stay right here in the promised land (Santo Domingo) a little while longer.

Saying goodbye to Elder Quib who is from Coban
and had to learn Spanish from Kekchi

We had changes this past week but right here in Santo Domingo we stayed the same. The fun thing was that a lot of missionaries from my CCM group got to start training new missionaries and things like that so it was fun to hear all the new changes.

It was pretty fun to end this cool week going to the beach for my second time! Champerico is a cool place and this time we had fun playing soccer right on the beach. We had some nice coconut goal posts and after I had some tasty shrimp that I made into tacos. I think tortillas make all seafood better. It was pretty awesome.

Tasty shrimp tacos. It is fun because you just eat the whole shrimp, no worries!

We had a really neat experience this past week. For a few months now we have been teaching S. and L. This past Sunday was the first Sunday that S. had a rest. We went and visited him Friday and testified about the blessings of church attendance and we watched a couple of short videos and the Spirit was so strong in the lesson. He accepted the invitation to go to church right away and Sunday he came with is daughter. The awesome miracle was that as he entered the Sacrament room he saw an old friend of his named M., who is our ward mission leader! They had a fun time talking because they grew up in school together. It was such a huge surprise! Today we will have a familyhome evening with the two families and it should be excellent!!

The G. family just continues to progress wonderfully. We are teaching the last 2 siblings who haven´t been baptized of the 7 kids. F., who is 18, told us about his experience reading the Book of Mormon and asking Heavenly Father if the book is true and if Joseph Smith really was the prophet of the Restoration. He told us that a huge sensation of peace just filled him up and that the whole night he just felt the Spirit so strong! He wants to be baptized this Saturday and he is one of my first investigators that has received such a powerful answer from the Lord about the truthfulness of this gospel. These are the experiences that increase my testimony so so much!

The other family we are teaching continues to amaze me as well. We worked hard this week to introduce a lot of members to J. and V. and they have now been able to make some friendships with the members. I were so amazed when 3 days after we gave the Book of Mormon to this family, J. had already read to the middle of 2nd Nephi. He told us he plans to read the whole Book of Mormon in 2 or 3 weeks and we are going to work diligently with them so that they can be married and baptized not too far in the future.

I am so glad for the opportunity I have to see the gospel change so many people’s lives. I have seen people find meaning to their lives and also gain a relationship with their Heavenly Father and with Jesus Christ that they never had or that they had lost with their mistakes. I really do have a front row seat to Jesus Christ´s atonement in the lives of these people and there isn´t anything better!


Elder Jensen

Soccer on the beach

All the grass roofs are so cool!

An old lifeguard post overlooking the beach.

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