Sunday, May 11, 2014

Zipping around Santo Domingo

 We went to a place in Mazate with paintball and ziplining.
It was really fun, this was after finishing the zipline (you can see it in the back).

Dear Family,

I am basically convinced that there is nothing quite like being a missionary, getting to put every ounce of energy in bringing people to Christ and really changing lives for generations! It is just so so cool!

The Lord really gave us some great blessings this week. This past Saturday the Lord blessed us with two more baptisms! Our good friend B., who is sixteen, was baptized this Saturday. He has been progressing really fast in the gospel and has even talked about being a missionary some day. The cool thing with him is that his dad is actually a less active member right now but has started to catch interest as well as the rest of his family. We will see what miracles come from that! The other great blessing was that of L., a single mom who the Elders were teaching for over a month, chose to be baptized this past Saturday. She hadn`t decided about a date to be baptized and was pretty apprehensive over the past weeks but she finally took the huge step in asking Heavenly Father what she should do and she felt the Spirit telling her that it was the right thing to do. Her older son, A. was baptized last month and he had the great chance to see his mom be baptized as well. I am so glad that the Lord fulfills his promises that we make to his children that if they ask the Lord in faith, he will respond through his Spirit.

This week I also had some really cool experiences working with the Ward Leadership her in our ward, The Las Flores Ward. There is a really cool vision to have a chapel one day in Santo Domingo but we have to find 25 priesthood holders to have a ward. It was cool to see everyone so excited to help us and make this vision a reality. I hope to keep up the great relationship with the ward because that is how we are going to be able to have more success and really find prepared people who will be able to endure to the end. I hope to soon find a complete family to bring to the gospel and see gospel take root in their home.

This past Sunday at church we were a little bit scared because we had passed by a lot of our investigators before the meeting (in a tuk tuk) and we hadn`t found anyone who could go. We went to the meeting a little sad when we noticed that a sister from Santo Domingo had brought two friends to the meeting! We got to meet them both and they really enjoyed the experience. Later that day we went to visit them with the member and we had a great visit with the whole family. My testimony of the need for member missionary work will never cease to grow! Also I really think that was a huge blessing for just being obedient and doing our best and the Lord does the rest!

I realized that I have kind of forgotten everybody`s birthdays since I got here in the mission so I want to wish a Happy Birthday to everyone that I forgot to say it to. Yeah, it sounds kind of lame but I just can`t seem to remember everyone`s birthday!

My companion and I had a fun experience this week trying to get the font water to go from green to blue. You can find little packs of water coloring in the paper and book stores here and we started throwing that stuff in the water hoping to turn it blue because it was a pretty ugly green. The problem was that if a little speck of that powder gets on something it starts to grow and make a little stain so our shirts looked a little interesting but we were able to get it all out and have a bluish green font, but everything went great!

I am a little sad as my companions days in the mission grow short but I really am grateful for the time I`ve had with him and for the great blessings we have seen together. I know that the Lord really answers our prayers and knows the desires of our hearts because he helps me out each day. I have a lot of weaknesses but the Savior helps me make up the difference and bring even more people to him and find the joy that comes in having a new start over and over again!


Elder Jensen

Santo Domingo living quarters

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