Sunday, April 13, 2014

General Conference

Elder P. and I. Our zone had these shirts made before we were companions and it turned out that we both had the same number 6.

Dear Family,

Hopefully I can find enough time to share all my many experiences this week. The internet was misbehaving so we`ll see if I can fit everything in!
This week was really cool because we got to go to conference. It was a really great experience! The only low note was that the English feed of the conference wasn`t working so the only session I got to watch in English was the last one. I was still able to learn a lot but it is a little bit harder to focus as I was trying to understand the Spanish and also the message. I am also so grateful I will get to study the talks soon when we get the Liahona.   President Ruiz came to San Felipe and encouraged us all to do our best to bring as many people as we could to conference so we were trying really, really hard to bring a lot of people. In between each session we were just searching for people to bring and I was walking around with our house phone doing my best to get people there. Not as people came as I wanted but I really felt like I did my best!
I really felt during conference a huge amount of gratitude for being part of the restored church. As I listened to the prophet and the apostles I was just filled with a feeling that the Church of Jesus Christ really has been restored to the earth and that it is guided by a prophet who really does receive revelation. I felt the spirit so strong as I listened to the messages and I knew without a doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not made my any man, but is Christ`s church here on the earth.
This week we had the chance to continue teaching three very special people. One of which is the sister of K., named H., who really wants to be baptized. The other is the wife of a less active member. Her name is C. and her husband, E., is a member. She was actually a reference from a member and when we went to visit she instantly recognized us as servants of the Lord and had the desire to be baptized. We had the blessing to see them both in church last Sunday and C. went to conference this Sunday. I really am praying hard for them and really trying to help them understand the importance of living the Lord`s commandments and having a family within the restored gospel. I really hope to see them one day at the temple! I will be working hard for them and also praying for them. 

The other person that we had in conference is a friend of a member and his name is J. He is 12 years old and really wants to be baptized. Yesterday we were able to go to his house and we found both parents and began to talk with them and teach them. We found that they were very, very nice and we had a very powerful lesson about the restoration. I felt the spirit so strong and they really had the desire to pray and know that the message was true and that God has really restored his gospel to the earth. The dad expressed to us that he has felt lost recently and that he really feels far from God. He says that he has been searching for something and I really knew in that moment that he has been prepared and that the Lord really led us there. We also talked to them about J`s desire to be baptized and they gave us permission! That whole lesson was a miracle and I hope to see even more miracles with that family! If everything goes well J. may be baptized this Saturday and hopefully his family afterwards!
I also received a new companion this week. Elder P. headed for his home in Nicaragua and it was hard to see him leave and we had some great last moments with our converts. My new companion is Elder J. He is from Utah (between Provo and Salt Lake). The cool thing is that he is actually half Dominican because his mom is from the Dominican Republic and his dad is from Utah. He could actually understand and speak a little bit of Spanish before the mission so he has really good Spanish. Also he was a gymnast at the University of Nebraska so he is super strong! I have really enjoyed our few days together and I think that we will do some great things here in our area. He has ten months in the mission and I think I will be able to learn a lot from him (just like from my other companions too). 
I can never thank the Lord enough for all the wonderful blessings and experiences that he gives me each and every week. I know that he is watching out for me and also using me as his hands. My testimony of the gospel is always increasing and my love and appreciation of the Savior and his atonement never ceases to grow!
Elder Jensen

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