Sunday, April 27, 2014


Santo Domingo

 Dear Family,

Well, I have some interesting news! I was transferred this week from San Felipe! I am now in Santo Domingo! That was pretty much the furthest thought from my mind! 

I got a call Wednesday night from one of the missionaries and it was a little bit ominous because they were talking to my companion and he told me that they wanted to talk to me. They broke me the news and I didn`t know what to think! I had to get all my stuff packed up that night.  But Elder J. and I made a good time out of it (even if I was super tired the next day). I`m kind of getting expert at having stuff ready to leave at any moment. The next morning the Assistants came in their pickup and dropped me off in Mazate. I was at the change meeting when I saw that they had created this area that I am now in. I with an awesome Elder named Elder B. from Honduras (his family actually lives a couple blocks away from Elder C.'s family, my first companion). He is a super awesome missionary and is a super happy guy. He was the Assistant to the President when I came in the mission so I always looked up to him so I feel pretty lucky to get to be with him for his last month in the mission. 

Santo Domingo is a really cool place! It is a town that is kind of separated from Mazate. You have to take a bus for about 15 minutes through the jungle and then you get to Santo Domingo. Mazate is one of the hotter places in the mission and they say that Santo Domingo is one of the hottest in Mazate! Should be pretty fun! Just walking around I can feel a lot of energy for the work and I am so excited to see the miracles that will come from our hard work. There haven’t been missionaries assigned to Santo Domingo for many years and Elder B. opened up the area a couple months ago. There have been a lot of miracles and we hope to see more! Almost all the members there have recently joined the church and are so excited to share this new happiness and joy with their friends and family! I just feel so blessed to be here!

I know that the Lord has some really great blessings in store for me. I was pretty sad to leave San Felipe because I really grew to love the people as I saw them have a new light in their life and really grow closer to their Savior. I will never be able to thank the Lord for how much he helped me there and how much he taught me through experience. I know that the Lord will keep blessing those people and that their testimonies in the Savior and his atonement will continue to grow. Both young men that I baptized should both be getting the priesthood soon!

I had some interesting experiences this week with getting along with what we have as missionaries. There are a couple little problems with the new house so this week I bathed on the roof, boiled water for food in a frying pan, and used bags of water to wash my hands! I am actually getting pretty good at taking care of normal conveniences with whatever I have. I guess you pretty much learn it all as a missionary. But not to worry, I`ve got everything I need.

The bus that takes us to church.
Here in Santo Domingo we live like 15 minutes from the chapel. What we do is we rent a really big bus and everyone meets up and gets in the bus Sunday morning. It was really fun to see the Santo Domingo members all get together and head to church together in the bus. Everyone just seems really happy! I just know that one day Santo Domingo will get its own chapel. We just have to find the people who will fill it up! We may have a few baptisms this week as we move towards that goal!

We were able to see a video from the church`s `Because of Him` (or in Spanish, `Gracias a El`). How blessed we are to have a Savior who loves us so much that he has freed us from every one of our mistakes and weaknesses. If we let him, he can give us new starts and help us change our hearts. We will live again because of him and what a blessing it is to wear his name and bring people unto him each day. I love him so much and know that through him I will be able to return to my Heavenly Father`s presence.

I am doing great and am so grateful for all the amazing prayers and support of everyone!


Elder Jensen

Crossing a street that flooded with rain. We put little stools in the water to cross.

I have no idea what I just ate!

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