Monday, January 20, 2014

Blessing Others

Dear Family,

I realize every single day why it is that the Lord wants every worthy person to serve a mission! There is just nothing like it and there is nothing that can help a person grow closer to their Savior like serving a mission.

This past couple weeks have been just a little bit different because there were transfers and one of the elders in our house left. Elder G. from Mexico left and an Elder J., from Utah came in. I was kind of excited to have another english speaker but we´ve kind of decided to only speak spanish so that our spanish doesn´t go downhill. I´ve also noticed that since this past transfer that the unity on Elder C.'s and I´s companionship has grown a lot. We are starting to really be good friends and we are learning to teach better as one voice. I´ve noticed that when we are able to align our wills and have the same goal the Spirit helps us a lot more despite our differences. 

This week there was kind of a miracle in the work (like there are every day). Our investigator R who we have been teaching since I arrived in the mission and who we have helped come a long way came to church for the first time yesterday. He had always had some work to do or some other commitment but he actually made it to sacrament meeting yesterday! He even shaved before the meeting and brought one of his sons who is about 8 or 9. I was so so happy to see him there and I could tell that he really is starting to see that this is the true gospel as restored by Jesus Christ. Afterwards he said he really liked the meeting and even talked to his wife about some of the messages. I really am so grateful to have known him and to have been a helper in helping him overcome some of his challenges. We are still helping him find an answer about the Book of Mormon and I really enjoy getting to share my testimony with him every time we meet and helping him come to have that great gift of knowledge from his Heavenly Father that each one of us can have.

I´ve noticed that even though there aren´t a whole lot of physical evidences of the work that I´ve done here I realized that I really have helped a few of Heavenly Father´s children to have more faith in him. I have seen how people have grown in their desire to pray with their Father in Heaven and how people have grown to realize all the blessings that they have.

This week I have grown to love the words of living prophets so so much! We got the coference ensigns about two weeks ago and I have just been eating them up! I wish I had valued this huge blessing earlier in my life! We teach many people about how today on the earth the Lord has a prophet and apostles and how much of a blessing this is. I think this week I really have grown to know that as truth and have seen that studying and applying the words of living prophets in our lives really helps us see that the Lord speaks to us today and that he really loves us and wants us to return to him.

I am so eternally grateful for this time to be a missionary and that I still have a little bit of time to continue in this service. I know this gospel is true and I know that it will bless us more than anything else!

Elder Jensen

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