Tuesday, August 25, 2015


A carved monkey face.

Dear Family,

Some weeks I remember to note down a ton of fun stuff that happened in the week and that is usually when I have good emails but sadly this week I didn`t get on that. But, I guess we`ll see how much I remember from this last week.

On Wednesday we had the changes and luckily I get to stay a little while longer here in San Felipe. It was hard to see some good friends finish their missions (former companions E. Walton and E. Merrill) but it`s good to learn to make new friends as well. Also since it is the end of summer there have been a ton of new gringos coming into the mission. Wow, brings back some fun memories to see those scared but excited faces. We have 4 new missionaries (from the CCM I mean) in our zone and I love the excitement they bring from the CCM. Actually, because of some interviews that we had to do, I got to be 3 days with one of the new missionaries from Honduras, Elder Sanchez, so I really enjoyed being with him (considering that all the new missionaries I trained went home and I never really got to experience training). 

In our zone meeting that we had this week, Elder Lagos and I decided to get a little more creative so we split up into 2 groups and 1 group acted out Acts 9, the story of Saul being converted and the other group acted Acts 16, about the jailer who gets baptized. It was really fun and we were able to apply the principles of these stories and learn about great missionaries from old times. Of course it didn`t hurt to throw in a few laughs in our acts.

One thing that I have decided is that I really like the old people here in Guatemala. Even though many of them don`t have much interest in our message they can be quite the hoot. For example, we got to meet an older man that goes all over the place on his bike. He always has these huge sun glasses on and after talking to him for a moment we learned several new things. Apparently if you eat enough vegetables in one day you can gain the ability to fly. That was new for me. Later in the week, on older lady that heard me making the sound I do when I scratch my throat, helpfully suggested that I should find some medicine because I had a bladder infection. I guess somehow the bladder and the throat got pretty mixed up in her mind.

This week we enjoyed helping B. (the daughter of the recent convert that I talked about last week) prepare for her baptism. One of the best parts was that since the baptismal font in the San Felipe building is brand brand new, the water comes out crystal clear. It was nice not to have to dump a ton of blue powder into the water to change it from green to blue. The service was very nice and B. was able to get prepared on Sunday to be able to visit the temple this week in Xela.

Another huge miracle of the week was the amazing effort of a member of the church that lives 2 hours from San Felipe. He lives in a place called El Tumbador. Well, he has a really good friend of his that lives in our area. We had tried to find her in her house to be able to teach her more about the church, since a few months ago her husband was killed in an accident. Well, this member (named J.) was very determined to help his friend feel the peace and joy of the gospel so he traveled all the way from El Tumbador to bring Je. (the name of his friend) to our church meeting that starts at 8 in the morning! It was something that amazed me and made me hope that I can be that type of member missionary my whole life! We have started the lessons with Je. and she is now excited to learn more and possibly prepare for baptism!

Another awesome week in San Felipe!


Elder Jensen

Elder Duncan and Elder Nelson gave a special broadcast for the central american missions. Elder Nelson pulled up a companionship to do an example. 

Pictures from scripture stories we acted out in front of 200 people last week.

I got to use a giant version of Jenga.

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