Monday, November 9, 2015


Dear Family,

My mind still thinks that in a week I will sit down again to write another email to you all about how my week went but this is the last time! I don´t know what to think! It is almost exactly like when I started 50% fear, 25% sad, 25% excited. It is so weird!!

Well, I couldn’t be happier with this past week because we worked super hard. We were able to go on a visit to almost all of the further zones this week. We left early on Thursday to go visit the Coatepeque zone and help them analyze their dats and work and see where they can improve. President accompanied us and has been sharing a really cool story in 1 Samuel chapters 1 and 2 that talks about the faith Hannah had to give her son to the Lord and the lack of faith and dedication to the lord of Eli and and his sons (who ate the Lord´s offerings in the temple and did bad things). It is super cool and I love learning from President. Later we traveled to Malacatán and stayed the rest of the day helping them with some of the investigators in the zone that could be baptized soon. We also got to go up a massive massive hill with Jaime´s (that´s the pickup truck´s name) 4 wheel drive which was awesome. We got to stay the night in the San Rafael hotel (¡Hot shower!).  We set out early on Friday to the mountain areas (San Marcos and San Pedro).

Hot chocolate in San Marcos
2 plates of dinner in San Rafael

In San Marcos we were able to help again the missionaries but we did something awesome as well. We decided to start filming a video of us challenging people to know more about the church and be baptized in the street. It was remarkable because all the missionaries have the mentality that in the mountains the people are too hard and closed but we were actually able to record many people that accepted the invitation to attend church and prepare to be baptized! The most spiritual moment was when we talked to a security guard (who wouldn’t let us film). We continued talking to him and found that he had a huge desire to attend a ¨Mormon¨ church service (since he had already tried everything else). I have never heard somebody say this but he said ¨there is no doubt in my mind that I will be attend with you this Sunday with my wife and 2 kids.¨ It was amazing and my heart was filled with so much gratitude for the opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord’s hand so that he can talk to his children!

A skate park in San Marcos
We also had a very similar experience earlier in the week in our own area.  Elder Kanahele and I saw a certain house that we both felt that we needed to go and talk. Well, we met V. that night. She used to love visiting with the missionaries and after a few minutes of getting to know her we decided to call her ¨Aunt V.¨ and she really liked that. ¨Aunt V.¨ wasn´t able to make it to church this Sunday but I am sure that in the coming weeks she is going to progress tons in the gospel. Another amazing moment! (This is why I get a little sad to be leaving and miss out on this action!) She has 2 really fun little kids that we loved making jokes with. One of them told me that I weigh about 30 pounds. I guess I look way bigger than my companion because she said that he is only 9 pounds. Unfair!

I always had a dream when I started the mission to be able to have a baptism on my last day and this tomorrow J. (who Elder Walton and I were led to about 4 months ago) will be baptized!! We helped her get married on Saturday and we are pumped for her baptism tomorrow!

 I l love this work so much and I am glad that the Lord prepares the way for us to continue even after the full time mission. These 2 years are the happiest I have ever been, without a doubt. You want to be happy? Go and make others happy! And how better than sharing the gospel!

Elder Jensen
Driving in the car with Elder Damas.
(an elder in the office that lives right close to Elder Gavarrete in Honduras)

Look at all those sardines!

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