Monday, November 2, 2015

If you give a horse a Coke...

Dear Family,

More exciting travels this week as we helped with yet another round of emergency changes. I think due to that we have kind of burned out our Christmas music so we probably won’t break that out again until December.

Early in the week we got the chance to go work in Tecun Uman, the hottest part of the misión. It was the only part I had never seen and it happen to be chilly the day we were there because of the rain! We got to go down and help the Elders in a place called Ocos, which is a beach town. It is a super simple place and almost all of the houses have grass leaf roofs and have bamboo walls so that was super, super cool.

Playing with an animal pet.

The land you see in the back is Mexico (this is where the river that divides Guatemala hits the ocean).

 I definitely got a good amount of sand in my shoes after that visit. I got the chance to talk to an amazingly prepared man named L., who was getting ready for his baptism that same Friday. His testimony of the church was so strong and despite his major health problems that make it hard for him to breathe and move around a lot he was set and excited for his baptism. He also gave me a little bit of this super weird cream he had that when I put it on my forehead my cold went away. Strange Guatemalan remedies.

Another really awesome journey this week was when we went and visited Malacatan and I got to work a few hours in my old área, Libertad! It was a great experience because I went back to show the Elders many of the people I had taught but for certain challenges hadn’t been able to continue in church or be baptized. Well, we went to talk to one guy named J. that I vividly remembered some super spiritual lessons with him and he was super excited to see Elders at his home and accepted the invitation to go to church this Sunday.

We visited Malacatan so I got to see V. and A. that
we baptized with Elder Cook a little over a year ago.

With my time here I have discovered a small epidemic. All the Guatemalans are extremely addicted to Coca Cola. No joke. Pretty much on any Street you can find a little Guatemalan kid bringing 2 or 3 glass liter bottles of coke to their house from the store. The new thing I learned is that not only the people of Guatemala love coke so much, but also the horses of Guatemala. Let´s just say we got a little creative when we found some horses in our área.

Here Halloween is a pretty foreign concept. The fun thing is that the 31st will be a Saturday so we can help people prepare to be baptized that day. One man we met in Coatepeque this week was named Elowee and was struggling to decide if he would be baptized the 31st or later in November. Well, he certainly liked our joke that if he would be baptized the 31st we could start a new holiday in Guatemala called ¨Elowee´ instead of Halloween. He got a got laugh out of that and we hope that after he prays and reads a Little more of the book of Mormon this week he can feel that it is the right thing to do.

This week we are preparing with President for 2 big multi-zone conferences with the 2 halves of the misión. These are always pretty exciting but also a ton of work so we are always grateful to have the Lord´s assistance and have the Spirit guide us on what to say and do to help the missionaries in this part of the Lord´s vineyard!


Elder Jensen 

Lost in a corn field with Elder Gaunt in San Marcos.
Russia, Ohio! This was on a mud flap of a truck.

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