Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Taking corn off the cob, this is always
 fun and painful service (painful on the fingers).

Dear Family,

We are starting to feel some Christmas excitement here in Guatemala. The smell of fireworks and tamales is in the air.

We had a fun week with a mission trip to Xetulul. Always really fun to meet up with all the missionaries and ride some rides. This time we had some good pictures as a group on the rides making silly faces and poses. I always love visiting that place, gives me a little taste of those Ohio roller coasters I miss.
Sleeping on the roller coaster.


The Zone

This past Sunday we were so blessed to see 3 people come to church and I was just so, so grateful for that miracle. One of these people is R. who we found a few weeks ago when somebody referred us to him. I guess he used to be like a former mayor of the small neighborhood type place where he lives and he is such a believer.  He doesn´t doubt in God and was grateful to us for helping him get close to God again. Another person that came was F. who a very less active member. I felt impressed this week to go visit him. and help him to help us in the missionary work. He used to be the secretary of the branch in our area many years ago and when we asked for his help he started visiting people with us and he still has an incredible testimony! He helped another friend come to the Christmas devotional this Sunday and I was so grateful for that.  The other person that came was H. who we have visited since I arrived who is an awesome friend of ours but studies every Sunday in the morning. After the Christmas devotional we threw up some lanterns into the sky with him and the other people who came and it was really cool. That was a big tender mercy this week to have all of them come to church.

There is also a lot of excitement about the church video ´He is the Gift´ and we are really trying to help more people discover, accept, and share this Gift that our Heavenly Father gave us, the gift of a Savior. I am excited in these weeks to find new ways to share this video and this message with everyone. 

I notice more each day that it is so important for me as a missionary not only to represent the Savior, but really work to become like he is. I have seen how much I´ve grown to love these people here in Guatemala and really serve them. I am always learning to be more humble but also be more diligent. The Lord helps me a lot as I seek to gain all these attributes and I know they will help me all my life.     

Elder Jensen

Eating some very random fruit that someone found, I liked it a lot. 
Painting with Elder Heyrend (new missionary in San Rafael) on divisions.
A rabbit ready to cook, yummy
 (we didn´t eat it, just showed up to see the preparation).

A P-day party, eating cereal.

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